How to Date Your Hoosier

How to Date Your Hoosier

Hoosier refers to both a manufacturer and a style of cabinet, but the word typically refers to any cabinet in the Hoosier style, not just those manufactured by Hoosier. Hoosier cabinets were popular in the early s, and they were usually made of oak with porcelain work surfaces that resist absorbing odors and stains. Hoosiers were produced in Indiana–hence the name–and were a mainstay of many American kitchens during The Depression. Today, traditional Hoosiers can be found in antique shops or can be reproduced by craftsmen. Collectors prize Hoosiers as a focal point for retro kitchen designs, as well as for additional counter space and storage. Look for the hallmark three-compartment design: a deep lower cabinet, a porcelain workspace in the middle and a shallow upper cabinet. The workspace usually has a flour sifter, a bin for sugar and glass canisters for spices, tea and coffee. Check the drawers immediately above or below the workspace usually on either end of the cabinet to see if they are lined with tin. These drawers are intended for bread.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Decals

Can anybody help me identify this cabinet. It is different from all the pictures I’m seeing. The top cabinet goes all the way to the table top and has glass fronts one still has it’s design.

Salesman Sample Child Size Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard WOW | eBay. Date Your Coppes Napanee Hoosier Cabinet – Coppes Commons. Discover.

An antique Hoosier cabinet is basically a year-old or older free-standing kitchen cabinet. To properly identify and value any Hoosier cabinet, you’ll need to learn about the history and manufacturers of these coveted pieces of furniture. Today, they are attractive and useful collectibles, and are extremely popular with antiques enthusiasts.

While there is some debate as to which manufacturer made Hoosier cabinets first, all experts agree that Hoosier cabinets were originally made in the U. There is also a debate about exactly where the name “Hoosier” came from regarding these cabinets. Some experts say they were named Hoosier cabinets because they were made in Indiana, which is nicknamed The Hoosier State. Others suggest Indiana-based Hoosier Manufacturing Company came up with the idea for these cabinets, so they were named after the company.

Since late 19th and early 20th century kitchens rarely featured enough built-in cabinetry to hold baking supplies and other necessities, the idea of selling freestanding baking cabinets to homemakers came about to solve the problem. These cabinets, produced by Hoosier as well as a number of other manufacturers, were designed to make kitchen work more efficient for the busy women of this era.

Antique Hoosier Cabinets

I know that you’re proud of that “Hoosier” cabinet that is sitting in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you searched for just the right cabinet for 15 years, and then spent another 5 years cleaning it up, finding parts and getting it just right, or if grandma left you her old cabinet that still looked the same as it did when it left the factory, admit it, you’re proud of your “Hoosier”.

So now I’m going to give you the chance to show it off to the world!

How to Date Your Hoosier. Helpful Clues to determine the age of your Coppes Napanee kitchen cabinet. First, a word about the term, HOOSIER CABINETS.

Even as a child, my favorite treasures were vintage — the older the better — like a s Nancy Drew book or an Edwardian-era bracelet, my very first flea market purchase made in the third grade. As an adult, my adoration for vintage grew stronger. Things were made better, and with charm, to boot! My favorite things are beautiful and serve a useful purpose. At home, my favorite part of the house is the kitchen.

The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was the most-widely known manufacturer. With clever advertising, soon every household wanted one. Many versions of the cabinets existed: some with three or four sections of cabinets, some with glass for displaying, some without. A true Hoosier cabinet consists of two pieces — a top and a deeper bottom.

The bottom typically has several drawers for organization, with a tin-lined drawer to keep bread fresh, and at least one large cabinet for dishes and storage. The table-like top would pull out, made of wood, tin or porcelain enamel. On top, there might be tambour doors, and at least one built-in flour sifter. Most were on casters to make it easy to move the unit around the kitchen depending on the task at hand.

The top part easily attaches with screws and brackets to the bottom piece.

Hoosier Cabinet Book

By , the Sellers plant employed 99 people, making it the second largest factory based on employees in Elwood. In , Wilfred Sellers company president noted that the company typically produced 75, to 85, hoosier per year. In hoosier early s, coloring was featured, and new products were sold such as built-in kitchen cabinets and breakfast sets. Your World War II, the company had difficulty acquiring raw materials and your skilled workers.

Today coveted antique store or flea market finds, Hoosier Cabinets were once a kitchen staple in American households. Pre-dating modern.

The term Hoosier Cabinets is a broad category term that implies a style of cabinet that was manufactured in or near the state of Indiana. But they should also be identified by their specific manufacturer. This information was found in advertising in magazines, in the antique markets, or listings on EBAY. They may have already been in the general furniture manufacturing business and just added kitchen cabinets because the general public wanted the new style of kitchen cabinets.

To confuse this even more there was a large kitchen cabinet company in New Castle, Indiana that was named The Hoosier Manufacturing Company. The factory that made Coppes and or Napanee cabinets also has a long history. It began with a sawmill in and is still in business today, manufacturing kitchens. The name of the company has changed as personal left the company and partnerships developed or dissolved. The Nappanee Furniture Co.

How to Identify Art Deco Hoosier-Style Cabinets

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Hoosier Cabinets: The Swiss Army Knife of American Cabinetry

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Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. A baker’s cabinet is a replacement with one or more bins underneath. It has a small work surface and a shallower upper section on top of the table that was used for storing bowls, pans, and kitchen utensils. The top portion is shallower and has several smaller compartments with doors. As originally supplied, they were equipped with various racks and other hardware to hold and organize spices and various staples.

A similar sugar lead was how common. Original sets of Hoosier enamel consisted of coffee and tea canisters, a enamel box, and four to eight spice jars.

DIY Sideboard Cabinet

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