Girls ffor girls chat no sign up on mobile – Sagazone dating

Girls ffor girls chat no sign up on mobile – Sagazone dating

As on other social networking sites, users can create personal profiles and make contact with other members. It already has more than 13, registered users — the oldest is The free site includes forums on subjects including gardening, health, money and relationship advice as well as blogs by writers who share their lives and interests online. Andrew Goodsell, group chief executive of Saga, said: “The internet is a place where the overs are thriving. Saga Zone is a place where they can mingle and chat about issues important to them, be they amusing or serious. In the US the site Eons launched last year with a focus on the baby boomer generation. Nick Burcher, board member at Zed Media, said Saga’s entry into the UK social networking arena was an effective way of connecting with its audience, which was increasingly willing to interact and form communities online, as evidenced by the popularity of Friends Reunited with older users. Burcher said: “Over the last year there have been a number of moves into this area to tap into the older market online. Burcher said that it was unlikely that older users of social network sites would devote the amount of time typical among younger users: “We are not seeing massive usage in these demographics in social networking.

Sagazone Dating

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UK Insurer launches networking site for over-50s

A screen grab of Saga Zone’s web site. British Insurance and holiday company for the overs Saga has launched a social networking Web site for silver surfers in a bid to emulate the huge popularity of MySpace, Bebo and Facebook. Saga Zone aims to attract those aged over 50 to the burgeoning social networking sector currently dominated by younger users. It will enable users to create their own profiles, contact friends or join online groups and web forums.

Linda Franklin writes a dating blog, Marianne keeps a light-hearted Saga Zone is not alone in the social networking market for older people.

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Saga Zone shuts down social website over ¿bullying and offensive¿ comments

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Dating Sites: , , religion dating and marriage sites; Sites: Sagazone (a website for 50+ ages, built by Saga holiday and insurance.

By Sarah Rainey. In the 63 years it has been on the airwaves, The Archers has had its fair share of controversies. In September , Grace Archer was crushed to death by a falling stable beam, in a storyline so shocking at the time that it made international headlines. But nothing — not even the re-recording of the theme tune in — has left fans of the Radio 4 soap as furious as news that the Archers BBC message board, a long-running online community for Ambridge addicts, is closing down.

The official reason is dwindling numbers: the BBC claims that, out of five million listeners who tune in to The Archers, just 1, regularly post on the forum, so it can no longer justify the cost. Listeners, however, claim otherwise. Nor is it the first time that so-called silver surfers — web-savvy baby-boomers — have been silenced for speaking their minds. Cynthia Arnold, 62, a widow from North Yorkshire who met her late husband on the website, says she phoned a friend in tears when she heard it was closing.

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Saga Zone is a UK social networking site for overs. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images. People of all ages use social networking sites. Studies show that, no matter.

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The BBC’s technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, goes undercover to find out what life is like for silver surfers in the newly launched SagaZone. Is social networking just for the young? That’s a question I asked earlier this year after signing up to Facebook, MySpace and Bebo and struggling to find friends of my own vintage. The answer was a resounding no – within days of voicing my concerns I had hundreds of new friends and was spending far too much time socialising online.

Now though, Saga, the firm which markets travel and insurance to the overs, has decided that there is a gap in the market for older social networkers. The travel and insurance company believes there is a sizeable audience out there which wants to socialise online but is intimidated by the poking, loud music and startlingly indiscreet pictures which are part and parcel of the likes of Facebook and MySpace.

The book is packed with step-by-step instructions on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Friends Reunited, Saga Zone, and other social networks to: Create an.

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